Our Leadership Team

Dr. David Cremers has been working on the development of LIBS for almost 35 years. His initial investigations began at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the early 1980’s. While at Los Alamos, he conducted extensive R&D related to LIBS and in 1986 began designing and building LIBS instruments for a variety of government and industry sponsors. In 2005 Dave transitioned to Applied Research Associates, Inc. where he focused on creating portable LIBS instruments to address real world detection problems related to national security and food safety. After ten years of work dedicated to the development of application specific LIBS instruments, Dave started Creative LIBS Solutions to continue LIBS development and laser plasma R&D in a new venue. Dave has authored and edited books on LIBS, published extensively in peer reviewed journals, and holds a number of LIBS-based patents

Dr. Rosalie Multari has about 30 years of experience in LIBS technology development, manufacturing process control, quality and reliability. In the early 1990’s she worked with at Los Alamos National Laboratory with Dr. Cremers and then transitioned to Intel Corporation where she focused on manufacturing process control, quality, and reliability. She then rejoined Dr. Cremers at Applied Research Associates twelve years later. Rosalie specializes in the development of LIBS detection algorithms for complex chemical and biological targets. Rosalie has published in peer journals on the use of LIBS for chemical and biological detection and her publications include the first reported use of LIBS for detection of viruses. Rosalie has also authored a book chapter on the use of LIBS for Food safety and a patent for the development of LIBS detection algorithms. Rosalie started Creative LIBS Solutions to make rapid real time detection using LIBS a reality in the commercial world.

Ann Nelson has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the manufacturing process obtained at Intel Corporation.  She started at Intel in the early 1980's and has worked in and managed almost every manufacturing area from production, engineering through end-of-line testing.  Additionally, she understands information technologies and the intracacies of integrating multi-language systems.  She has the experience needed to take LIBS-based instrumentation from the prototype stage to full-scale manufacturing.  Ann started Creative LIBS Solutions to bridge the gap between prototype LIBS instruments and the everyday, real world commercial use of LIBS. 

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